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Celia Capace - God vs Satan

I was brought up Roman Catholic but drifted away from that religion in my early teens when I began to question my faith.  In the Roman Catholic Church faith without question is a big deal. In fact, blind faith was the deal for the era I grew up in and therefore that’s all I knew or was allowed to know.  Any queries were frowned upon and discouraged, so being the rebellious teen that I was I decided to find out more on my own.

The first thing I noticed about the Bible as I skimmed through was that a lot of females were bad guys.  Eve, Jezebel, Delilah, Lot’s wife, Salome, and the list continues extensively. My favourite of the bad girls was Lilith, Adam’s first wife.  Yes folks, Eve was not the first female created by God. The story of Lilith has been tucked away, hidden and banned from The New Testament because Lilith had the audacity to want to be equal to Adam and when refused that option chose to be a demon rather than be subservient to Adam.

The second thing I noticed about the Bible was comparing Satan’s and God’s relationship with humanity.  Both are competitive when it comes to collecting souls. One was said to be benevolent and the other arrogant although I’ve always believed that actions speak louder than words.  According to the Bible Satan is the big bad dude as he wants your soul at a price. That price being whatever you want or desire while you spend time on the earthly plane. Once you die your ass is his to remain in Hell for eternity.

God’s deal is complete faith in Him and choosing Him as the all powerful one.  He gave us free will to choose but if we don’t choose Him we are instantly and eternally condemned.  That’s one strange idea of free will. It’s almost like human kind is set up to fail because there really isn’t much of a choice.  Poor Abraham was tested by God to sacrifice his son, Isaac, to prove his faith. Just before Abraham was about to do the dastardly deed a messenger sent by God appeared telling Abraham that now God knows he fears Him there is no need to continue the sacrifice.  That is one sadistic deity in my book.  

God is also full on when He gets pissed off.  At one time He committed genocide against every creature on the planet except for one family and two of each species.  Similar examples of death and destruction from this so called benevolent God are throughout the Bible.

Most religions condemn the LGBTIQ community to Hell for nothing more than being who they are.  Seeing as most of my friends fall into the LGBTIQ category it makes Hell sound very inviting. I’m not one who is too keen on the heat but from what I can gather Hell sounds like the better alternative when it comes to the company I get to keep.  I’ve met some of the religious zealots and I sure don’t like the idea of spending eternity with those of that ilk.  

I’m not saying the devil is an angel (well, not anymore) but he sure sounds like the better deal to me.  I’m sure that some folk will feel that I should burn at the stake for having such thoughts. Well, I’ve always preferred to be cremated at my funeral and seeing as I also prefer to end up in Hell anyway it sounds like a win/win to me, so I’m good...oops I mean evil.