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Celia Capace - Some days are diamonds and some days are monoliths

It's been a bad Crohn's week and my energy levels are low.  Well, non-existent actually. The pain hasn't been too bad considering how nasty it can become but it has constantly been causing lack of sleep.  My brain fog, on a scale from 1 to 10, is … what was I doing? I can't remember. The one good day I had I minded my nephew who was too sick to go to school that day.  

I love having him to myself.  He's a 7-year-old sweetheart chatterbox that's constantly hungry though I think it's more to do with Aunty spoiling him with treats rather than hunger.  We watched the remake of Jumanji and thoroughly enjoyed our choice of movie, though I had to pause it constantly because the little chatterbox doesn't switch off.  He was ill, folks. He wasn't faking it yet he had the resilience of a child who wasn't going to let feeling bad ruin his time with an Aunt who spoils him. He didn't want to go home when it came time for him to be picked up so I volunteered to take him home later myself.

As I said, I love having him and enjoyed every minute of my time with him but I was also pushing through my illness and I paid the price afterwards with an intense flare-up.  Chronic illness always makes one pay when we overdo it. We may be smiling and looking like we are having fun but we often fake being well so that we can still function as a part of society.  Sometimes this is preferable to sulking in our dismal reality and at other times we have no choice and must succumb. I'm fortunate that currently my illness is not as bad as it has been in the past, but I'm definitely not great either. There was a time when I always woke in pain and any good days were a distant memory to me. That went on for years.  I didn't think I'd ever have a normal/good day again.

Luckily things changed for the better when I found the right medical professional.  There was a quack of a doctor who nearly killed me, literally, but that is in my novella, Madam Is Not A Four Letter Word, so you can read all about that adventure there.  Yes, I'm plugging my book. That's the reason for this blog, a blog that I'm not even sure I'm doing properly, a blog that gives me a reason to get out of bed while suffering a Crohn's flare up episode.  (Well I'm not out of bed but I did the blog anyway). I’ll sign off now before my brain fog just goes into a repetitive babbling of nothingness, for it does that often and well.