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I'm a pacifist.  A passionate one.  I spend a lot of time arguing with gung-ho Americans on social media. Immature, I know, but sometimes they're asking for it.  That second amendment is like a shining beacon held up every time there’s a mass shooting. “We have the right to bear arms to protect ourselves from our government”, is the familiar catch cry.  No other western nation appears to live in fear of their government taking over as the Americans do. Strange that. They can keep their guns but who's going to protect them from one another is the real issue.  Anyway, that's their business.  

What's not their business is straying from their borders with their weaponry to impinge on other nations.  The United States has caused more destruction on our planet in the past 50 years than any other country. They are currently combating 7 different nations yet consider themselves the world’s good guys.  Not since WW2 have the Americans fought for the common good. I don't blame Americans or even the American troops but everyone on our planet has woken up to the reality of the actions of America, but Americans themselves.  Not all but most Americans get very upset when you try and open their eyes to these facts. Some understand the reality of this situation but are soon shouted down by those who are gullible and propaganda swallowing. 

Good guys in WWII, bad guys ever since.  To criticise one's own government is every free citizen’s right and obligation if that government is corrupt.  I am ashamed of the way my government treats asylum seekers and leaves them on Islands to rot. I belong to a group that is trying to change this.  It doesn't mean I don't love my country. I'm still proud to be Australian yet I know I'm not responsible for the atrocities of my government.

9/11 was a tragedy that changed the world dramatically.  Yet, there is no proof of who attacked the United States.  This event is used as a great excuse to go on a rampage attacking third world countries for their resources.  It is worth remembering the world is still waiting for evidence of those reported weapons of mass destruction which led to the invasion of the Middle East.  The carnage in the Middle East was so bad that the Pentagon instructed US troops to stop counting the civilian dead in Iraq because the numbers were bad for publicity.  That death toll reached over half a million.

My problem is with warmongering conducted under the pretence of the greater good.  I have a huge problem with warmongers. American troops are praised, blessed and thanked by the American public during their service but forgotten by their government once they've served their purpose.  Many returned vets are in dire need of healthcare and counselling yet these poor souls are forgotten about by their own government. This is as tragic as those dead civilians in Iraq. The spoils of war are never justified yet governments will have you believe otherwise, seeing how they're the only ones to benefit. 

The world is currently experiencing a massive asylum migration problem which is partly a result of constant USA interference in the Middle East.  The USA is experiencing a massive asylum problem on their southern borders also partly as a result of their interference in South America. I'm not saying the USA is totally responsible but they sure aren't helping, and neither are they the good guys.  ‘Policing’, my arse. The rest of the world knows invasion when we see it. Governments cannot function without the will of the people as they need us more than we need them. There is strength in numbers and it's time we held our politicians accountable. People power!

I will end my rant with a salute to the protesters in Hong Kong.  The world stands with you and hopefully, it will not end the way of Tiananmen Square.  Governments need to start listening to its citizens instead of focusing on self-interest and power at any cost.  Without us, the citizens of this world, our governments are less than nothing.