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Celia Capace - Sabattical

This weeks blog will be the last for the next three months, at least. It will also be short and sweet. I’ve decided to take a sabbatical from my blog to spend more time on my novella. Writing entries for this blog over the past year has not only helped to improve my writing skills but it has also made me realise how much the second half of my novella needs to be revised and rewritten.  Working on my novella is what I really need to do right now.  

I’ve also decided to reveal my true moniker.  I am Ausilia Talarico, known as Aus/Oz to my family and friends. Though, I did use the name Celia when I worked as a brothel manager I have made the decision to reveal my true name for personal reasons.

Lastly, most of all, I’d like to thank Kaz. She is the one who helped to edit my blog and motivated me with constant encouragement. Without her, my blog would not have existed. 

Please contact me through the contact page if you feel like dropping me a line.

Ciao for now.