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There came a time in my life where I found myself on the road less travelled. This was not by choice but was forced upon me. My Crohn's disease was in a flare up and I knew stress was a major factor. My body was in such distress that I needed to stop working. I was fortunate that I had somewhere to convalescence, the family home, yet I knew, from previous experience of Crohn's, that to heal I needed total isolation. My body was so fragile that sound hurt and coming from an Italian family the family home was not able to comply with my needs. I asked the universe for help and it responded with someone who I hadn't heard from in over 20yrs sending me a friend request on Facebook. This person was now living on 7 acres in the middle of nowhere with no access to wifi and 21 rescue animals. I became the 22nd.

I decided this haven was the perfect place to write the book everyone was goading me to. To my immense surprise, I did write that book. I also had a bit of an adventure in my surroundings whilst in the back of beyond while writing.