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The reason I write my blog is to give me a reason to get out of bed, since my ill health currently restricts me from working, and helps to keep my mind occupied while my body recuperates.  Brain fog is a symptom of my ill health and writing always helps to stimulate my mind. My blog is also a link to my novella; a weekly addition to my monthly released chapters that makes me feel that I’m accomplishing something.  It’s a bit like homework but I always feel satisfied once it’s done and my Internet or Netflix bingeing is a reward rather than a lazy habit. Well, that is what I tell myself because basically, I’m a lazy person by nature. Maximum results with minimum effort is my life motto.  I can happily waste a day or more debating issues with strangers on the Internet or spend time bingeing on Netflix or YouTube. I have no need to socialise in person.  

Writing my weekly blog entry isn’t the difficult part though.  Thinking of what to write about each week is the real dilemma. Sometimes I get on my soap-box to extol injustices I perceive in our world which can be very therapeutic.  I call these opinion pieces. I get to release some very self-opinionated ruminations that have reverence to me. My fluff pieces, as I like to call them, are excerpts from my life experiences.  

This week’s blog is a fluff piece about my blog.  Now that I’m done with this week’s fluff blog I can go back to debating on the Internet, which I validate to myself as improving my writing skills, and bingeing frivolously till next week’s blog is due.  Netflix, YouTube, the Internet or whatever else takes my fancy, here I come.


Footnote: This blog is the fluffiest of fluff pieces and its short simplicity is a testament/homage to my laziness.