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Celia Capace - Why Write The Book

As a small child, I have a vivid memory of looking at a book with words and pictures and wanting very much the capacity to read. I couldn't wait to learn to read so I could understand the story being told.  I stumbled upon an interesting story myself as an adult, a story I once had no idea about, a story I learned a lot from, a story I feel needs telling.

The story?  Sex workers are humans too. They're not the dregs of society that societal stigma makes them out to be. When prostitution is legalised there is no need for pimps or madams, and this reduces the need for trafficking.  When those who have chosen and function as sex workers are free to be, supply meets demand. Whatever your feelings about prostitution it's not going away.

In 1996, Australia made prostitution legal. This gave sex workers a union, support and a voice, and rates of sexual assault in society also decreased. A win-win situation. These assertions are supported by the research of welfare organisations and the criminal justice system.  I decided to write a novella to share the insights I gained from my experiences working in the sex industry as a brothel manager. I became part of a world which was previously totally foreign to me. Not only did my staff teach me so much about themselves but I was to learn things about myself that I didn't know existed.

Managing all that drama had me evolve and delve into traits I didn't know I had. The job was so dramatic at times. I was to become tougher, wiser, meaner, more compassionate, a mother, a cold bitch, a confidant, a friend, an advisor and so much more, but most of all an advocate. This is the reason for writing my book. I want to share the journey I experienced where I came out the other end understanding and knowing the world of the sex worker as I do.

The novella has 20 chapters. I'll upload individual chapters monthly on my website while I prepare the manuscript for publication as an e-book. I'm hoping you'll find walking a mile in my shoes a worthy stroll indeed.

- CeeCee (Celia Capace)